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Unfortunately I can’t embed the video without autoplay but check it out here, it’s a cute little segment!

The Insider’s Christina McLarty went jean shopping with two of Teen Wolf’s breakout stars Colton Haynes and Holland Roden, where they opened up about their personal style as well as the success of the hit MTV series, which has been picked up for a second season.

Colton, who plays jock Jackson Whittemore, shares that he’s currently into the darker jean colors (“the blacks and the greys”), and that contrary to popular belief, guys should not be afraid of “the skinny jeans”.

“I think skinny jeans are in now, especially more recently,” he says. “All I wear are skinny jeans when I go to events and everything, and I think that you shouldn’t be afraid to do that.”

And surprisingly, much like the phenomenon of “Twi-Moms” (mothers obsessed with the Twilight series), he notices that it’s the mothers who recognize him the most when he’s out in public.

“It’s great, I can’t go to water parks anymore, but that’s the downside,” he jokes.

As for Holland, who plays Lydia Martin, wearing jeans is actually a bit of a new thing for the petite actress.

“You know it’s funny I grew up in mostly skirts and dresses and blazers, I went to an all-girls school, so definitely was rocking the feminine look,” she explains. “But now I’m in Los Angeles and you gotta convert … I love it.”
She also finds fan encounters amusing, especially when viewers mistaken the good looking cast for the actual characters they play on the show.

“We hang out all the time and so it’s really funny when they see us together,” she smiles. “I was out with Dylan [O’Brien] at a movie the other day and two girls came up to us and they’re like ‘Lydia and Stiles, why are they together?!’,” she laughs. “We actually are friends, guys.”

Source: The Insider

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