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Lydia talked to Holland recently about Lydia’s upcoming storyline in season 2, especially after that cliffhanger! She doesn’t say too much, but it looks we’ll be seeing a lot more of Lydia in the new season! Caution for spoilers:

OLOGY: So with Lydia’s transformation, does it have a bigger effect on the second season?
HOLLAND: A large one. A large one. I was so grateful because I came into the show in an ensemble cast, but generally, I was supportive of an ensemble cast. And now my character takes main stage, and I’m so grateful that Jeff Davis has given me the material to be a full-time actor on the show now. So I’m overjoyed to have more than I can handle on this show.

And Lydia…
Get ready. She goes through some interesting transformations.

More than one?
Possibly, yes.

What about Lydia’s love life?
She does get a little bit of a love interest. It’s a recycled character.

Lydia and… Stiles?
We definitely toy with people’s emotions about Lydia and Stiles being together.

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