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Now that’s how you do a season finale.

The first season of MTV’s Teen Wolf came to a close on Monday night, and after we finished scrapping the remnants of our jaws off the floor, we were left with a lot of questions. Is Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) replacing Peter (RIP… kind of!) as the new Big Bad? Will Derek turn Jackson (Colton Haynes) into a werewolf? What the hell is Lydia (Holland Roden) now? Will Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) remain awesome? We need answers, people!

Lucky for us, the show’s creator and executive producer Jeff Davis was more than willing to give up some scoop…

The New HWIC: That’s right, Derek will be Head Wolf in Charge when Teen Wolf returns in 2012, a role he’d been working to attain all season. “We had been building to it for a long time. Derek just had his eye on the prize the whole time, which was becoming the Alpha himself,” Jeff says. “It’s our version of The Godfather essentially. He’s become the Godfather. It’s like, what happens to him now? Is he going to use his power for good or evil?”

While he wouldn’t say if Derek will be next season’s Big Bad, Jeff did tell us fans will see Derek recruiting new pack members. “There will be new werewolves rounding out Derek’s pack because the stronger his pack, the stronger Derek becomes, the faster he’ll be able to heal. The stronger your pack, the closer you get to being able to transform into a full wolf,” he explains. “Our werewolves become stronger with a strong pack. They feed off each other’s power, they become more powerful together.”

One of season two’s biggest questions? “Whether or not Scott (Tyler Posey) will join him.” Dun-dun-dun!

Jackson the Wolf?: Jeff wouldn’t tell us if Jackson will be sporting some additional facial hair next season, but did say we’ll learn the lacrosse star’s motivations for wanting to become a werewolf. “You’ll see that in season two, the why and the where of it all because we’re going to delve a good bit more into Jackson’s background.” A big part of his background? “I can tell you that the mystery of Jackson’s parents will definitely be explored.”

Lydia the… What Hell Is She Now?!: Remember that time Lydia thrashed around in her hospital room covered in blood? “You’ll definitely see more scenes like that with Lydia as she goes through a very difficult arc in the next season,” Jeff, who wouldn’t reveal if Lydia is human or not, teases. “She becomes very important to the mythology.”

Star-Crossed Lovers: How cute were Scott and Allison (Crystal Reed) cuddling on her roof at the end of the episode? You didn’t think they’d actually stay that happy and content for long, did you? Oh, you did? That’s so sweet. We remember our first TV show.

“It’s going to be difficult for them next season because they’ll have to carry on their romance in secret,” Jeff explains. “It will be a real Romeo and Juliet story because a deal will have been made between Argent and Scott: I will stay out of your way but you have to stay away from Allison. That’s not going to last very long.”

Hasta La Vista, Sweet Allison: Prepare for a completely badass Allison. “I’ve told Crystal that she needs to start getting in Linda Hamilton from Terminator 2 shape,” Jeff says. “She’s going to be doing a lot of running, jumping and firing of arrows.” While we were thrilled to hear of Allison’s new extracurricular activities, Mr. Argent (JR Bourne) won’t be. “One of the things that Argent is going to fear most is just how good Allison is going to get at becoming one of her family. She’s going to take up the mantle.”

All About Stiles: In case you didn’t read our interview with Dylan O’Brien, we’ll say it again: We love Stiles. Which is why we procured these three Stiles-related teases from Jeff.

Daddy issues! “The worst thing that could happen to Stiles is to essentially hurt his father in some way. They have such a strong bond and he’s going to inadvertently cause big issues for his dad for which he’ll have to go to Scott for help.”

“He will never turn into a werewolf and he will never play lacrosse ever,” Jeff states. Stiles’ consolation prize? A love interest!

Clearly Jeff heard Dylan’s “Spider-Man Superhero” story line request because Jeff tells us that Stiles “will be involved in more of the action.”

Source: E! Online

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