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A microbiology major from Dallas, Teen Wolf actress Holland Roden never imagined herself starring on MTV, much less on a hit show about the paranormal. “Early on I wanted to be an astronaut, and I went to space camp several years in a row,” she says. But after her dad convinced her to switch from prep to public high school (“he wanted to go to Scots games, and you get moved up on the list for football season tickets if your kid goes to the school,” she says), Roden started performing in student productions and discovered her talent for acting. I caught up with her and asked what she’s reading, eating, and wearing these days.

Items you always carry on a flight:Jack Black chapstick in the tube and Burt’s Bees Pomegranate. They don’t put your lips in severe pain when they’re parched—I think we’ve de-evolutionized our lips with chapstick. I always have to have gum, usually a pair of sunglasses—because everyone looks lovely getting off a flight. And Deweyes [now called Eyes by ToGoSpa] is the best brand I’ve found for undereye gels. I’ve been using them at work for years.”

Book you’re currently reading: “It’s an antifeminist name, but my best friend got me this book called Eat Pretty. She and I are trying to work on a food docu series. It’s not like a Michael Pollan or Marion Nestle per se, but it’s almost like a how-to recipe book to build your pantry. It’s cute. I also loveThe Omnivore’s Dilemma. It’s sort of The Iliad of [food] books.”

Favorite restaurant: “I was a West Hollywood-er for so long, and so I always loved Marix Tex Mex, Earthbar, and all your very typical LA spots—your margarita Friday place, your healthy smoothie spot. But now I’m in Pasadena. It’s going to be new exploring.”

First acting job: “I would do student films on the weekends in high school. I’m surprised I wasn’t on the six o’clock news. I would go on Craigslist and acting websites and go to these local auditions when I was 15, 16. Later, I booked an HBO series my sophomore year in college. It was called 12 Miles of Bad Road. We finished shooting our first season, and it got cancelled before it aired.”

Go-to workout: “This is probably the most LA comment that I’ll ever say: Pasadena does not have a Barry’s Bootcamp, and I am obsessed with Barry’s Bootcamp. It made me fall in love with working out. They dim the lights and everything has a red tone to it, so everybody’s skin looks phenomenal with no makeup and sweat.”

Hidden talents: “The double-jointed, three loops with your tongue circus trick; I’m left-handed; and I just found of I’m an O negative blood type. I’m the recessive of the recessive of the recessive, the earliest model that’s going to be the next extinct human. I’m the green-eyed, redhead, left-handed, O negative girl.”

Product that no longer exists but you wish did: “The dollar flip brushes that you kept in your Caboodle. They had the little attached brush in there that folded down on itself with a little mirror. That was the coolest invention. And I have one, but it took me a long time to find one. I had to go to eight different CVS stores.”


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MM What is a typical night out in LA like for you?
HR I love food–I would like to think; I cook at home. However the truth is I love dim sum, Japanese BBQ, Middle Eastern food, and vegan and raw food. So it’s safe to say I’m quite the themed eater. I also am a huge Jeopardy fan. So dinner and a show on it’s head.

MM What gets you nostalgic/homesick for Texas?
HR Pulled turkey sandwiches, Matthew McConaughey movies, and all holidays down to President’s Day weekend.

MM What books are you reading? What are your two favorites?
HR Right now I’m reading Walter Kern’s Blood Will Out. It’s a memoir about his relationship with this imposter who called himself Clark Rockefeller. Also Sam Kean’s Disappearing Spoon. It tells the history of the world through the periodic table.

MM What do they mean to you?
HR It’s the only art form that we as consumers make from scratch. Everything is processed down to the food we eat. Movies will bring a tone to it the second a studio and director are attached. With books, it’s all still up to you. There is a homemade aspect.

MM If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?
HR I do love Paris because I’m a sucker for architectural pornography. I happen to love the people there. And all the different arrondissements remind me of all the different boroughs of LA or NYC. The daily music and fashion is worthy of inspiration. There or Ski Bum in Vail! It’s my favorite sport that I’ve been doing since I was two and a half years old with my dad.

MM What is the most attractive asset in a man (or woman) to you?
HR Drive, I think, but mixed with humor. Someone who takes themself entirely seriously with their life goals but day to day can laugh.

MM As a Women’s Studies major, do you think the media and magazines like Cosmo or Seventeen are having an effect on developing young women?
HR On all women. I think it’s okay to play make believe, which pretty much summarizes the media industry including magazines. But I can speak from personal experience. When you have a strong female presence in their life, (it doesn’t just have to be a mother) so much more self worth is ingrained in that girl. I have had the lack thereof and I have also had emerging role models in my life. It’s a pretty immense difference on how you view yourself. You have 35 year old women who don’t know where they stand, so it’s not a chronological thing either. That being said, I think at least some magazines are taking more responsibility; some women turn to magazines to raise them and not as a source of entertainment. I have seen countless budget sections that are realistic which I think is a fantastic way to evolve due to demand.

MM As a former student of molecular science, what was the coolest thing to see under a microscope and the most fascinating experiment you conducted?
HR Being able to shadow my friend working with pluripotent stem cells (an epithelial cell is an example of that) and how they injected them into pig livers because anatomically they are the most similar to us. Within a matter of weeks in incubators our cells enveloped the pigs cell. If entirely successful one day, it would get rid of donor lists where everyone could have kidney, heart, and liver transplants. The coolest experiment was dissecting a human. There is no better way to learn than aesthetically. Quite tedious-the super fascia layers took a week alone.

MM As a child, you were pretty smitten with the Queen of England. Why do you think you were so drawn to her?
HR I have no idea- probably a Princess Diana effect.

MM “Teen Wolf,” has become quite the cult phenomenon. What’s a mythical, mystical, or sci-fi creature you hope exist in real life?
HR The character of Alex Mack – her parents were scientists and she was able to turn into a chemical puddle and slide under doors. Just the ability to be a fly on the wall. And gremlins–the nice ones of course.

MM LA is a great place to stimulate music exploration. Are there any music festivals besides Coachella that you’re dying to go to – like Bonnaroo or Tomorrowland?
HRI haven’t been to those- the horizon of Spotify and Hype Machine let’s us discover people in our pajamas.

MM What was the worst advice you were ever given? Did you take it or laugh in the advice-giver’s face?
HR Obviously I would never speak in absolutes. But after going to a socially aggressive public school for two years and living in Los Angeles, I’ve learned that there are sure a good amount of kids and people in general who think of cocaine as an instant breakfast shake or red bull. Yeah, that’s pretty ludicrous.

MM What are/were the inside-jokes on Teen Wolf? Does anybody start howling between takes?
HR Hmmm, the scenes have the potential to be quite funny without trying to be. Dylan and I have an inside joke: we frequently, during blocking, consider that there is an alternate version of TW that is a straight up comedy–and I’m not talking about in the 80s when there was the movie.

MM Do you ever think about making the jump from TV to movies or the stage?
HR It’s definitely a goal of mine. But as in most jobs, you don’t just go sign up. I would love to have the opportunity; but filming 10 months a year takes up time, and booking only the projects you happen to be available for is easier said than done. I also love to remind people as working, American actors, not A-list actors, it’s still very much a struggle. Hit TV show or not, I think there is no shame in exposing the reality of that.

MM How difficult was it to make the give up science to pursue acting? Do you think you’ll use your women’s studies to help bring awareness to the injustices women face worldwide?
HR It was the hardest decision of my professional life- which in this day and age is most of our life. I definitely want to. I just got back from Ghana where I played a tourist and volunteered at a school there. It was a fascinating experience to witness how societies can be so peaceful but still so sexist. It’s a way of life that that has been set on the back burner because they are currently working on having more than one electrical grid for Togo, Benin, and Ghana, public service, and proper plumbing. In West Africa where safaris and pyramids aren’t the main attraction, you feel like the world has forgotten about them. It really does start with education, and we are setting up aid to help them with that. There are women I will be reaching out to there.


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When Holland Roden, star of MTV’s Teen Wolf, arrived to the set of our latest beauty shoot, she was every bit the down-to-earth, upbeat Texas girl we imagined. In fact, the Los Angeles transplant made playing with two of spring’s biggest beauty trends—bright colors and matching lipstick and nails—even more cheery with her humor. “I love this concept,” she told us. “I’ve never paid a lot of attention to my nails because I have these little boy fingers. I always joke I could be a hand model in a Tonka Truck commercial!” It didn’t take long to convince the actress to try bright colors from now on, thanks to nail artist Michelle Saunders.

Holland is featured in an editorial over at Byrdie! She looks gorgeous in the photos. Check it out here.

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Be warned, there might be spoilers in this interview!

Read More

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Holland (along with Tyler Hoechlin and Tyler Posey) will be appearing on NBC’s Today on Monday, February 10!

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Just Jared: How did your Spotlight shoot go?

Holland Roden: I had so much fun because [the photographer] Justin has a very particular vision, for everything in life including how to switch lanes. It was fun having him take complete creative control and seeing where it lands.

JJ: We heard you had a little mishap… in the toilet?

HR: I can’t say that! (laughs) Oh my gosh! (laughs) Okay, so when stylists come to shoots, they bring undergarments for talent. I don’t know if I would be called talent in this situation, more like amateur, wannabe actor/model. (laughs) But yes, I had a pair of um, underwear, and when you’re in a restroom, and there’s a toilet, and there’s something waddish in your hand, it was underwear you’re supposed to be putting on. I accidentally threw it in the toilet. And I’m going to go ahead and end that story there. (laughs)

JJ: What do you mean by waddish?

HR: You know, when there’s a piece of fabric, wadded up in your hand. I just assumed it was toilet paper, and I thought that was interesting feeling toilet paper. I looked in the toilet and was like, “Holland, that was the one pair of underwear that they gave you.” (laughs)

JJ: So tell us, how did you get into acting?

HR: Oh that’s such a convoluted story! I got into acting essentially because I love science. I was pre-med in college, and a very long story short, I went to an all girls school most of my life. And I switched to a huge co-ed school that I was not used to, and started taking acting classes outside of it, some sort of outlet that I could enjoy. The coach said, “You could do this professionally. Have you thought about it?” So when I came out here for college, I sort of attempted both. I thought okay, I’ll major in molecular biology as well as pursue acting, and that’s how. I got really lucky a couple months into and booked a show for HBO called 12 Miles of Bad Road, in a nutshell.

JJ: If you weren’t an actor, you’d be a doctor? What kind?

HR: Yeah, I’d probably be a doctor. I liked cardiothoracic but, honestly, I have a huge passion for what’s in our food. The FDA, the EPC, I think a lot needs to be changed. We’re going to look back in our textbooks 50 years from now and say, “The Frankenstein era of our diet.” And then our health problems, obviously they come hand in hand, so I would have loved to have had a hand in, no pun intended, diet and hormones and how it affects disease.

JJ: And you’re almost wrapped on season three of Teen Wolf? What are you most excited about it?

HR: I am, yes. I like that it’s psychological. I think the scarier things that I have viewed in my life are not what you can’t see but what you can, and that’s very much the theme of this season.

JJ: Do you have a favorite prop from set?

HR: That’s a good question. I’m actually gonna go ahead and say details. I love details and our set designers are incredible with details. I think props is one of the most fun departments on set. So I’m going to have to just say the details of everything. If you look at every book, if you look at every journal, they’ve filled it out. It’s unreal, the amount of time they’ve put in.

JJ: You have a lot of early morning shoots, and late night shoots. Do you have a regimen of you stay awake or how you wake up?

HR: Well, this is a funny story of how I stay awake on our night shoots. I’ve never been a morning person. I’m vehemently against the sun rising in the east. It’s funny, because my father said, “What job is going to pay you to sleep in?” And I can actually say to my father now, “Teen Wolf pays me to sleep in.”

JJ: Okay, now describe your cast members in one word. Tyler Posey.

HR: Skateboards. (laughs)

JJ: Crystal Reed.

HR: Pretty!

JJ: Dylan O’Brien.

HR: Dylan. I just think of Dill Pill. Pickle.

JJ: Tyler Hoechlin.

HR: Christian abs. That’s two, but we’ll hyphen it.

JJ: Max Carver.

HR: Amazing.

JJ: Charlie Carver.

HR: Makes you always laugh. That’s so not one word, but you cannot keep a straight face. What can I say about those two? I think there’s not enough to say about those two.

JJ: Ian Bohen.

HR: Mini Altoids. (laughs)

JJ: Daniel Sharman.

HR: Greek. He looks like a Greek god to me, and I don’t mean it in the heartthrob way, he actually looks like a Greek god to me.

JJ: Arden Cho.

HR: Perfect skin.

JJ: Shelley Hennig.

HR: I think a friend of ours, a mutual friend of who we met through, her name is Brittany. (laughs)

JJ: Tell us about your recent camping trip.

HR: My camping trip! A few of the Teen Wolf cast members and I, Charlie, Max, Daniel, and I went on a camping trip with a few of our mutual friends (including Julian Morris) and what didn’t we do? We played an amazing game of capture the flag, which might I add, nobody wanted to play except Max and I. And I proceeded to dive over one of our friends, which it’s been almost a month and my ankle still hasn’t heeled.

JJ: If you had a motto to sum who you are, what would it be?

HR: I don’t know about a motto to sum up entirely who I am, but one thing I’ve always lived by, and people try and convince me out of it, and I just don’t believe in it is, I’ve never been a dater. I’ve never gone on true dates before. Really, with anyone. I’ve had a few boyfriends before but I’ve never truly just gone on random dates. When people ask why, I’ve always said I feel like dates are like interviews, and I refuse to be romantically employed.

JJ: If you could be a breakfast food, which breakfast food would you be?

HR: Icing.

JJ: (laughs) You eat icing for breakfast??

HR: Like the funnel cake icing that you put on waffles. I eat breakfast at Six Flags, clearly.

JJ: Amazing. What would your spirit animal be?

HR: So funny, I’ve done spirit animals before but I think I don’t get the jist of them. I think I’m so squirrelish. It’s kind of like what you resemble to me. More aesthetically really, than anything.

JJ: Do any of your cast members stand out as spirit animals to you?

HR: I’d probably put Hoechlin as a wooly mammoth. I would put Posey as a jackrabbit. These are so off the cuff by the way! I’d put Dylan as like a flounder fish. He just reminds me of Flounder. I mean, these are just totally grab bag. What does Max remind me of? He reminds me of a deer I think. Like a really beautiful elk, because they’re very, just regal. Charlie, what does Charlie remind me of? Chipmunk. Sharman reminds me of a giraffe. He’s just too tall for his own good. Also I’m too short for my own good. Crystal would be a koala bear maybe.

JJ: Have you ever gotten the Carver twins mixed up?

HR: Not really. I mean, occasionally in the very, very beginning.

JJ: What fashion pieces do you own that you can’t live without?

HR: As I’m wearing them now, I love red shoes. And I love a good fit, a good structure on a woman. In my case, at 5’3? being a pear shape, that would be called A Line. So anything A Line, I love.

JJ: What was the last movie you saw? Did you like it?

HR:Out of the Furnace, with Christian Bale. It was quite depressing. Don’t get me wrong, I completely buy into it, myself as an actor, myself as a viewer. But it’s funny to me that it’s almost like these movie stars try to one up themselves. And that the more successful they become, and I’m assuming the more lucrative and marketable they become. …The poorer they portray in their movies, like the more down and out they are. It’s like, “Well in my movie, I’m going to have, you know, I’m gonna live in a hole. In my movie, all my money got lost and I had to dig my way out through pennies.” It’s really funny that they have these contests and Christian Bale would be no exception. It was a very depressing movie about a mining town. But it was an excellent movie. Excellent, excellent movie.

JJ: Do you have a favorite movie?

HR: I have a collection of them. Harold and Maude is one of my favorites. And I love that Bud Cort. That part almost went to Elton John. It’s pretty big, it would have changed his career. I love Annie Hall. E.T., Titanic, and I love Shawshank Redemption. That’s one of my favorites. And As Good As It Gets.

JJ: Do you have any favorite TV shows?

HR: Ooooh, right now I’m watching a British show called Utopia. It’s incredible, I’m obsessed. It aired on BBC in Britain, last January. And so I got a hold of some copies of it and so I’m checking those out right now. And then I’m also your typical Lost, Breaking Bad kind of girl, Curb [Your Enthusiasm]. Love me some Tina Fey, love 30 Rock. I like Portlandia, you know, not on a regular basis, but it’s nice for a little pop every now and then. It’s like when you want junk food. Yeah, I’d say that’s a collection of what I like.

JJ: What’s the last album or song you downloaded?

HR: I’ve downloaded some Deptford Goth lately, but I’m also way behind the eight ball. I just saw Searching for Sugar Man. Have you seen that? And I downloaded both of [Santo] Rodriguez’s albums. And he’s still touring, in his seventies. So I’m really excited that I’m embarrassingly just on the bandwagon of Rodriguez. I have Robert Rodriguez, but I did not have Rodriguez. So that’s the last album I downloaded.

JJ: Do you have favorite music artists?

HR: Right now, I’m listening to Stone Roses, Craft Spells, Deptford Goth, BANKS. Love me some Group Love, they’re blowin’ up like, oh gosh, pop tarts in the microwave for too long. They’re just, they’re doing really well, and I’m really proud of them. Because I don’t know them, but I feel like I know them. That’s what we are when we’re groupies.


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‘Teen Wolf’ star Holland Roden leaves the Toast café with her friend following a trip to the gym in West Hollywood. She is walking her rather excitable dog and is asked what animal she would be if she could be one.

‘Probably a sloth’, she laughs. ‘We were really slow at working out today!’ Her friend resents the comment and insists she was ‘fast’. Holland is also asked what it is in animal manure that makes plants grow (seeing as she’s a ‘science buff’). She seems confused at the question and doesn’t appear to know

View the video here.

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While in NY, Holland, Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes visited the 10 on Top set to co-host with Lenay Dunn. The episode will air on Saturday, June 2 at 11.30 am EST.