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Special Skills: Soccer, Horseback Riding, Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, Piano, Yoga, Softball, Stage Combat, Calculus, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Diving, Rollerblading, Rollerskating, Voices and Accents, Dance (Hip Hop, Jazz, Jazz/Drill, Ballet)

The Member of The Wedding (Theatre)
… as Helen Fletcher

Peter Pan (Theatre)
… as Wendy

Flowers for Algernon (Theatre)
… as Challenged Girl

Androcles and The Lion (Theatre)
… as Isabella

(2012) House of Dust
… Holland as Gabby
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(2011) Teen Wolf
… as Lydia Martin (Series Regular)

(2011) Memphis Beat
… as Jill Simon (1 Episode)

(2010) The Event
… as Young Violet (1 Episode)

(2010) Criminal Minds
… as Rebecca (1 Episode)

(2009) Bring it On: Fight To The Finish
… Holland as Skylar
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(2009) Community
… as Girl (1 Episode)

(2009) Weeds
… as Yogurt Peddler (1 Episode)

(2009) Pushed
… as Sascha (1 Episode)

(2008) Cold Case
… as Missy Gallavan (1 Episode)

(2008) Lost
… as Emily Locke (1 Episode)

(2008) 12 Miles of Bad Road
… as Bronwyn (3 Episodes)

(2007) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
… as Kira Dellinger (1 Episode)